Orange County Courthouse Wedding // A Family Affair

Getting married at the Orange County Courthouse is a great option for couples who want to get married while in Orlando, the vacation capital of the world!

My heart is so full. I enjoyed covering Marcey & Eric’s wedding so very much that I delivered their gallery on the same day.

Marcey & Eric came to Orlando for a vacation and topped it off by getting married on the last day. They made it a family affair and what a beautiful family it is! Their four children were all so chill and sweet and engaged and, even with masks on, I could see their faces glowing as they watched their parents get hitched.

Marcey & Eric met while both worked at the VA hospital. Eric’s an Army Vet and documentary filmmaker with an interest in telling stories of mental health in the services and Marcey is a nurse working to support vets with substance use issues. It’s so powerful when you can share a mission with your partner. Clearly, that intersection of passions brought them together.


“When I started working at the VA I decided to just keep my head down, focus on my work and not pay attention to anyone.” -Eric

Eric told me he wasn’t paying any attention when Marcey came into his life. How did she get his attention? She ran into a wall. So I guess you could say she came crashing into his life! And the rest is history.

Marcey & Eric, thank you so much for choosing me for your courthouse wedding it was an intense pleasure and I wish you all the best!

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