Orlando Fire Department Courthouse Wedding

Ivonne and Felix united their little family on their 10th anniversary with a micro wedding at the Orange County Courthouse.

Ivonne and Felix met at Ember in Downtown Orlando 10 years ago on St. Patrick’s Day. We got them hitched on St. Patrick’s Day a decade later with their kiddos.

We started at the Orange County Courthouse in Downtown Orlando for their ceremony and family photos in front of the courthouse. We then did a photo tour of downtown Orlando and went all the way down to Ember on Central Blvd in the heart of party town. But not before happening upon the Orlando Fire Department Station 1 “The Big House”.

We were just taking photos outside the red doors and we were spotted and offered a truck. It was so nice of them and really added some fun to these family photos. It’s the little things that can make someone’s day and I appreciated the gesture so much.

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