Destination Elopement at Disney Springs

A great life hack for couples wanting a Disney wedding is knowing that you can get have a micro wedding or destination elopement at Disney Springs on a micro budget.

One of the things my clients love is that I deliver their photos with lightning speed. I’m in a lot of Facebook groups for photographers and the general consensus is that 8-12 weeks is normal for how long clients are waiting to see their photos.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to wait that long and I believe in the golden rule so I do it differently for my clients. I go straight to my office after the shoot and start editing. I consider delivery of your photos part of the booking and the booking isn’t over until you have your images!

exterior of paddlefish restaurant at disney springs

It’s currently the middle of 2023 and I’m still getting couples who are navigating their original plans being botched by the pandemic. Connor & Courtney got engaged at Disney in 2018 and due to Covid, their original (big) wedding had to be canceled. Since then, they had been mulling over what to do and finally decided to follow their Disney-loving hearts and do the wedding THEY wanted and not worry about everyone else.

“We love Disney and couldn’t think of a better spot to be wed than in the magic of Disney Springs.” -Connor & Courtney

mickey mouse wedding shoes

Connor and Courtney are a playful, energetic couple who came to Orlando from Canada for a destination elopement. They did the deed at the Paddlefish restaurant at Disney Springs which is a very cool, very smart way for couples to get married at Disney for a very reasonable budget.

couple posing at disney springs after thei destination elopement at paddlefish restaurant

An example budget for a Disney Springs wedding is:

  • Paddlefish – $500
  • Officiant – $250
  • Hair and makeup at your place – $400
  • Photography – $660
  • Total: $1.8k

I have connections with some great vendors if you need me to help connect you with the different folx needed to pull off your micro wedding or elopement.

Couple getting married on the balcony of paddlefish restaurant at disney springs in orlando florida

One of the things I made sure of while editing Connor & Courtney’s photos was to clean up the background for their ceremony shots so they remained the main focus in their photos. The balcony where these ceremonies happen at Paddlefish looks a bit messy in the background so I always make sure to remove flagpoles, etc.

So without further ado, I give you Connor & Courtney’s Disney Springs wedding! 🥁 🥁 🥁

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