Marriage with Chick-fil-A on the side

Jen & Sandy came from Scotland to get hitched in their favorite place: Orlando.

I’ve always had a lot of couples who come from the UK to get married in Orlando and I love connecting with them because I lived in England for a decade so we have some stuff in common.

That said, most of these couples come from England but I’ve had a lot of couples from Scotland recently. Couples like Jen & Sandy who love Orlando and come here on holiday often. They couldn’t think of a place they’d rather get married and so the universe brought us together so I could capture it.

I’m pretty sure the universe also wanted them to experience Chick-fil-A for the first time, too, because when Sandy said he loves fried chicken and they’d never been to Chick-fil-A, I insisted that we stop there on the way to drop them off at their hotel.

couple in the rose garden at leu gardens after their courthouse wedding

I don’t usually double as an Uber driver, but they didn’t have a car on this trip (driving on i-4 is hella scary!) and I was already set to take them to Leu Gardens which was a pre-planned second location after their civil ceremony at the courthouse.

couple in their wedding clothes at chick-fil-a after their civil ceremony in orlando

We had a lot of fun and I loved getting to do my first fast-food wedding shoot (which I’ve always wanted to do). My second was just a few days later with another Scottish couple (weird, right?) at 5 Guys. I love these and want to do more!

Thank you for having me, Jen & Sandy, it was so much fun.

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