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I’ll travel anywhere to do this work that I love. This wedding took place at Chateau de Fajac in Toulouse in the South of France.

Maybe it’s the melatonin talking. Or the extreme lack of sleep. Or the old fashioned(s) I knocked back in the airport terminal where I’m on a layover. But Leo & Marion’s wedding in France has made me super emotional. I don’t compare weddings or couples. Every wedding I do (even the quickie courthouse ones) make me feel so grateful. Grateful that I have a career I adore. Grateful that weddings still make my heart skip a beat. Grateful that of all the photographers a couple could choose, these people chose me. And while this weekend was no different, it was also a little something extra.

The world is just cray right now. My heart aches to see so much hate, so much strife. And Leo & Marion’s wedding is the kind of thing you witness and remember what love looks like. That weddings are about unions celebrated in front of your most intimate circle and not about parties. They wrote their vows just before they walked down the aisle. They easily moved the venue for their ceremony when the winds were too strong. Heck, their cake didn’t even make an appearance until the end of the night. They were so chill. So kind to themselves and their day.

So while this wedding was classy and chic it, like everything French in my opinion, was effortlessly so. If I had to describe for you the most confident and sexy people in the world, they would be French. I’ve always thought this. From the very first time I visited Marseilles where I discovered that even the ladies working in the cafes were fabulously turned out from head to toe. Like damn…you probably just woke up that way.

Marion & Leo’s friends and family just beamed for them. So much joy. The speeches were intimate. They were basically love letters. I think it was Leo’s father who said you can really measure the goodness of people based on the character of their friends. And having witnessed many weddings, many unions, many groups of friends, I know this to be true. My team and I were treated so well. We didn’t feel like “the help”. And there’s something about a destination wedding that brings the cream to the top. Because who else would travel so far to celebrate with you but your nearest and truly dearest?

The venue for this epic was Château de Fajac La Relenque, a 5 centuries old castle in the area of Southern France known as the Tuscany of France. Above is my favorite little corner in the chateau. As a Floridian I grew up at Disney where moments like this are masterfully manufactured to feel authentic. So as I stood there taking in the wonky plaster wall and the dusty light and the cracked brick I felt so thankful to get to have moments like that which are genuine and not manufactured. Jumping into my art with my whole being brought me this. Dareisay I “followed my dreams” (feel free to roll your eyes…I am!) but dudes….this is my life now! Ok back to the wedding…

I was awake for 36 hours by the time I finally laid my head on the pillow the night before the wedding. We worked until 2am and got up at 6 and I have the same epic return journey ahead of me tomorrow. But while I’m dead on my feet, delirious and shooting your wedding I just can’t stop thinking “I’m so lucky. I’m SO LUCKY!” I am compelled to continue telling your stories. Wedding photography is like singing. I didn’t write your story. Heck, I’m not really even telling it. I just witness. And with images and video, we sing your song back to you so you can keep the day close to your heart forever.

Marion. Leo. Thank you for making me the first decision for your wedding. There are so many talented photographers. Ones you didn’t even have to fly to the other side of the world. But you did. And I hope my team and I did you proud. Also, I kind of fell in love with you both so I hope to see you at a friend’s wedding in the future.

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