Proposal at Leu Gardens in Orlando

I captured this very sweet marriage proposal at Leu Gardens in Orlando.

I’ve done a lot of sneaky proposal sessions so I have some pretty solid advice for people planning one!

There’s always “a big lie” involved in pulling it off. The big lie is the story that the proposing party uses to get their partner to the location while also being camera-ready.

man on one knee proposing to his girlfriend at leu gardens in orlando

A very effective big lie that I’ve had clients use is that they won a photo session. This makes it make sense that I’m there taking pictures and then at some point in the session, the proposal happens. Or, while I’m busy with the recipient, the proposing person can run off and get in position. That’s how Kethes did his proposal in England.

newly engaged couple taking their first engagement photos at leu gardens in orlando

When I hooked up with Fred before his proposal to Alyson, he had already formulated his big lie which was that they were going to a work function at Leu Gardens. This means that Alyson was wearing something nice even though she didn’t know they’d be having a photo session!

engagement photo with a man and woman at leu gardens in orlando

Thankfully, Alyson said yes and Fred pulled it off without her having any suspicions at all. After the proposal, we spent time together taking their first photos as an engaged couple!

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