Big family Orlando courthouse wedding and gender reveal

This micro wedding is a twofer! We celebrated Brittane & Richie’s marriage and staged a joyful gender reveal.

Note: I give my clients a choice of editing style and this couple chose bright & fresh.

In 2021, I read an opinion piece in the New York Times about people having babies in such uncertain times. The very first sentence stuck with me: “In a time of Covid-19, climate change and catastrophe, having a baby is an act of radical hope.”

I’m done having my babies. My youngest is 15 now but I often wonder what I would do if I were just starting out in times like these.

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is being a witness and capturing, for other witnesses, the act of hope that is marriage. The only thing more radical than marriage in these times is bringing new life into the world. So when my couple is doing both, it’s so ultimate.

Brittane & Richie are halfway through their pregnancy and with such a huge, joyful, and supportive family I have no doubt that this baby is already so loved. The large group that we packed into the Orange County Courthouse in downtown Orlando included a lot of kids and I loved this family’s approach to kids. They weren’t made to sit down and shut up. They were included and the vibrancy that they brought with them infused the whole day.

During our time on the rooftop, I realized that I hadn’t seen kids play in a really long time. These kids knew how to play and in an era of always-on screens, that’s rare. They were also curious and wanted to see the photos I was taking. I always hope that engaging with me and my camera might spark some kind of curiosity about photography or art that will stick with them, so I let kids look at and handle my camera. Sometimes, I let them push buttons and take pictures.

wedding gender reveal at the orange county courthouse in orlando

There are a few behind the scenes videos in my Instagram reels showing how I captured these photos, but this one of the gender reveal is my fave.

Thank you so much for having me, Brittane and Richie and best wishes for your next adventure as parents!

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