Bright and sunny elopement in Downtown Orlando

Why work with me? I bring photographic talent paired with over a decade of experience and hundreds of weddings under my belt.

Man, it’s HOT out there! Florida summers are no joke. Good thing I’m not afraid of shooting right there in the middle of the sunshine!

Cassie and Nubi are medical students who met at school in California and they’re in Florida doing their clinical rotations. They decided they wanted to tie the knot during their time in Florida so we met at the Orange County Courthouse in downtown Orlando to get them married.

It was dangerously hot so the time we could spend together taking photos outside was quite limited. We simply did photos in front of the courthouse and then hopped over to my favorite rooftop to take some photos with zero protection from the sun.

Bold? Yes. Stunning? Also yes. I just LOVE these rooftop shots and I know they do, too! They ordered a GIANT canvas from one of these rooftop shots I hope they have very big walls!

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