High Energy Downtown Orlando Elopement

Your day. Your way. Let me join you on your elopement adventure!

Nadia and Oswald’s courthouse elopement in Orlando was full of energy and so much fun. They’re fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants kind of people and that fits my style perfectly because the nature of elopements and courthouse weddings is that they’re not often planned very far in advance. I’m usually available for last-minute bookings so don’t hesitate to check with me even if your wedding is tomorrow!

bride displaying wedding rings in the waiting room at the orange county courthouse in downtown orlando

Nadia and Oswald have been together for a year and they’re soooo in love, y’all. They made my job so very easy and fun.

couple kissing inside an elevator after getting married at the orange county courthouse in downtown orlando

After their ceremony at the Orange County Courthouse, we adventured around downtown Orlando and made our way to a favorite bar of mine.

couple posing after their elopement at the orange county courthouse

There, I did a lot of inside shots using direct flash. The “direct” part of direct flash means the flash is pointing straight at the subject. It’s a style often seen in editorial (magazine) photography and in paparazzi photos.

couple giving the finger with their ring fingers after getting married in downtown orlando

I’ve been incorporating direct flash in my work lately and this is the first courthouse wedding where I’ve used this technique. You can see it in play mostly in the elevator shots and inside the bar. If this is the style you’re wanting (or you hate it and don’t want to see it in your photos) please let me know so I can give you photos that you love!

couple at a bar in downtown orlando after their courthouse wedding

They said that they chose me because I specialize in exactly what they were looking for and they weren’t wrong! This was the 62nd micro wedding that I’ve done and I’m so grateful to Nadia & Oswald for choosing me.

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