Courthouse Wedding Orlando // Cypress Grove Park

Not every wedding is a dawn till dusk gig. I get that. I still bring my whole heart to telling the story of your day. If you’re running away to marry your person or just getting hitched at the courthouse, I’m your gal.

Theoshia and Brian got married at the Seminole County courthouse on a Friday morning. They decided to have their wedding photos that evening at Cypress Grove Park. They wanted that luscious end-of-day light and I’m so glad they did it this way. The evening did. Not. Disappoint. The golden hour was everything we hoped it would be.

This is a great way to nail down great photography to commemorate your wedding day if you don’t want all day coverage or the price tag that comes with it. If you just want some killer images of you two without ceremony coverage or family photos, hiring me to show up at a desired location for an hour or two is all you really need to get beautiful images of your wedding day.

Ok sales pitch over. Let’s focus on these two. Theoshia and Brian have been together for a decade. Their relationship has weathered a really horrible first date and one of them moving to another state so it’s safe to say they kicked the tires on this thing and discovered their ride-or-die was under their nose all that time.

We had a great couple hours shooting until the sun was gone and I’m proud of the almost 100 images I was able to deliver to them the very next day! Thank you, Theoshia and Brian, for having me as your photographer I hope you enjoy your photos forever!

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