Late Afternoon Orlando Courthouse Wedding

I’m often asked my opinion on the best time to get married at the Orange County Courthouse in downtown Orlando. Well, folks, this is it!

Note: I give my couples a choice of how their images are edited. This couple went for my warm and earthy option.

Amelida and Matthew got married at the courthouse at 3pm. By the time we got outside, the crowds of people milling around were significantly lighter than they are in the mornings and early afternoons. By the time we got back from our photo walk around the city, it was a ghost town and we could play in front of the courthouse without eyes watching us or people getting in the background of my shots.

couple standing outside the orange county courthouse in downtown orlando after their courthouse wedding

I love Ami & Matt’s love story. Like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, they met while she worked in a restaurant and he kept coming back for a helping of her warm smile. Eventually, he secured some take-out and it was a done deal!

couple in the elevators of the orange county courthouse in downtown orlando after their micro wedding

For couples who want to walk around the city taking photos, we venture around the downtown area hitting some of the iconic spots you see throughout my work and I keep my eyes peeled for new ones. After 5 years, I still find new spots for unique photos!

I’m so appreciative of Ami & Matt for choosing me as their photographer and I hope they love their photos as much as I do!

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