Wedding at the Volusia County Courthouse in DeLand

I finally did it! I got to shoot a wedding at the Volusia County Courthouse and let me tell you that town did not disappoint.

Note: I give my couples a choice of how their images are edited. This couple requested my warm and earthy option.

couple posing in downtown deland after their wedding at the volusia county courthouse

I’ve done weddings at a great many courthouses in Central Florida and the surrounding area, but until last week, I hadn’t done a wedding at the Volusia County Courthouse. That changed when Erica & Jacob invited me to be their photographer for a late afternoon Autumn wedding in downtown DeLand.

couple posing in front of the volusia county courthouse

Now, the courthouse itself isn’t anything to write home about. I think that in the right light, the exterior of the building could be great on camera, but it was flooded with relentless sunshine in a way that wasn’t so exciting.

straight couple posing in front of the old volusia county courthouse after their civil wedding ceremony

That said, the downtown DeLand area is freaking ADORABLE and dreamy in the late afternoon light. Just around the corner from the actual courthouse is the Old Courthouse. Weddings don’t happen there, but many’a couple go use it for their photos and I can see why.

family taking photos in chess park after a volusia county courthouse wedding

The checklist of areas where we shot these photos is:

  • Actual Courthouse
  • Old Courthouse
  • Chess Park
  • Fountain across from the Old Courthouse

Downtown DeLand has a lot of water features around the city. Most notable is the iconic fountain across from the Old Courthouse. This fountain is a stunning water feature that’s been described as an “elongated fountain with arching jets of water vaguely reminiscent of those in Moorish Spain”.

Now, about the couple. Erica and Jacob met on Tinder in 2016. From the very beginning, one of their common interests has been food. They described themselves as “camera shy” and I can totally get it. Even I can feel instantly uncomfortable in front of someone else’s camera. It’s like a giant eyeball staring me down! To make it more comfortable, I talk with my clients a lot while I shoot and get them playing and moving rather than all the photos being static and posed.

couple dancing at the fountain in downtown deland after getting married at the volusia county courthouse

They were a very laidback and lovely couple. Jacob is very much into EDM and dancing and that made for some really fun shots of them dancing at the fountain!

Thank you so much for having me, Erica & Jacob. It was my pleasure.

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