Orlando Courthouse Photographer // Jacq & Gerry Tie the Knot

Hurricane Dorian ruined Gerry & Jacqueline’s wedding day so the next month, they got married at the Orange County Courthouse

I’ve had couples cancel their weddings in the past. But I’ve never had a wedding cancel on a couple. Worse yet, it was due to a hurricane (Dorian) which never happened. In the summer, we get a short storm every day around 3pm and those daily showers are worse than what this hurricane ended up being for Central Florida.

Jacq & Gerry’s family came from New Jersey for their long-awaited day so when it didn’t happen, it just seemed impossible to make it happen again. So imagine her surprise when Jacqueline rounded the corner into the courthouse waiting room to find her sister waiting for her!

She came for the 5 minute ceremony and headed straight back to the airport but seriously, that little moment of surprise was incredibly touching and exactly why I believe (and have witnessed many times over) that getting hitched at the courthouse can be every bit as meaningful as a $100k wedding.

I so enjoy meeting couples at the courthouse to help them celebrate their marriage. And after the ceremony, we head downtown to make use of the beautiful locations around the area.

Jacq & Gerry, I’m so pleased we finally made a way to get together and photograph your wedding, even though it’s not the one you thought you’d have.

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