Orlando Courthouse Wedding Photographer // Sunrise in Downtown Orlando

Your wedding day goes by in 12 hours like any other day. The only one who can make that day last forever is the photographer you choose.

Kurt and Jessica were supposed to get married a while back, but like so many couples, they were thwarted by the pandemic. And, like so many couples, they chose to cast off their plans for a big party and get married -just the two of them- at the Orange County Courthouse.

There are two main courthouses people use to get married ’round these parts. Seminole County Courthouse and Orange County Courthouse. I love them each for different reasons. I love Orange Co. because it’s situated in the heart of Downtown Orlando.

While Orlando is the tourist destination of the world, Downtown Orlando is still a hidden gem for locals to enjoy. Tourists stay busy on International Drive and at the parks while Downtown is, strangely, in a kind of bubble. There are so many incredible places to shoot photos.

Jessica, Kurt, and I got together early in the morning to wander around the empty city (which was still recovering from party people the night before). The morning light was luscious and it was relatively quiet and we weren’t disturbed much while we hopped from location to location for the hour leading up to their ceremony inside the courthouse. They aren’t currently allowing guests to come inside so I only did photos outside and that was totally fine with me because that’s the best bit.

Jessica & Kurt have been together almost a decade already and their meet-cute is a story fit for a rom-com. She was a science professor. He was a student (in a different class) and he pretended to be not-so-great at chemistry to ask her for tutoring. You can guess what happened after that! Now, she’s a high school science teacher and he works in finance and they invited me to capture their wedding morning which is always a great honor.

So thank you, Kurt & Jessica, I wish you all the best in the years ahead!

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