Rainy Orlando Courthouse Wedding

Come rain or shine, I’ll join you for your courthouse wedding.

Working in England for the first decade of my career was a damn good training ground for how to shoot in the rain. I was hired as a gift from Tayler’s family for his courthouse wedding with Paul and it was a blustery, dastardly day. But that doesn’t matter because in 15 years in this game, I’ve never EVER been rained out of a shoot. And this wasn’t even the rainiest of them all (that would be this one!)

A gay couple standing in the ceremony room of the orange county courthouse for their wedding

Tayler and Paul met during covid and spent more than half of their relationship long-distance. Paul finally made it Stateside where he and Tayler tied the knot to make their union official and I feel so grateful to have been asked to capture it for them!

a gay couple hides under a clear umbrella in the rain after their orange county courthouse wedding in orlando

While the weather wasn’t bad enough to stop me from shooting, it was bad enough to prevent us from spending as much time playing around the city as I’m used to so the output was a concentrated gallery of sweet shots to help these two commemorate their big day.

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