Windy Orange County Courthouse Wedding

The nature of courthouse weddings is that they often happen on-the-fly with very little notice. I was hired for this Orange County Courthouse wedding a day before!

Note: I give my couples a choice of how their images are edited. This couple requested my most popular editing style: warm & earthy.

Autumn and Jayden are a sweet young couple who’ve been together for 4 years. They’ve been engaged for a while and decided to get married at the Orange County Courthouse. They called me on a Tuesday and got married on a Thursday!

After covering their ceremony and family photos, we spent an hour playing around in the downtown area, spraying champagne everywhere, and contending with a lot of wind.

This is my 83rd courthouse wedding and you’d think I’d already discovered all the spots for photos around the downtown area, but almost every time I adventure around with clients, I find something new.

With Autumn and Jayden, I took a risk and went left when I’d normally go right and I’m so glad I did because I found a lot of new spots that I’ll be working into my weddings from now on.

newly married couple in front of a mural of the orange county courthouse on the stand apartments on amelia street

My favorite new find was a mural of the courthouse building on the front side of The Stand apartment community. This mural was done for @the_schaller_group in 2022 by @ronfrancisart, @rojotheartist, and @courtney_makes_art. I couldn’t find any information about it online. No pictures, no mentions, no articles. I wrote to Jason from The Schaller Group and asked why he chose the courthouse building as the subject for this mural. He said, “I developed the concept because our apartment building is in the shadows of the courthouse. And the name “The Stand” is a court reference.”

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