Joyful marriage proposal at Lake Eola

Just a few days before he intended on proposing to ShaTorree, Lamiek got in touch to ask about photography. We ended up being partners in crime to pull off this surprise at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando 🤫

Lamiek wasn’t totally sure where he was going to propose to his love ShaTorree, but he did know he wanted to do it in Orlando (traveling from NC) and he wanted it to be documented. We ended up providing photography and video, but also I helped him locate the best spot and time of day for it to happen.

To pull this off without a hitch, we secretly met up the day before to scout Lake Eola and see how the lighting looked at that time of day. We chose points A and B. Point A was the main area and point B would be in case A was occupied or somehow unusable. This was a handy idea because point A had dog mess and flies so I texted Lamiek just before he arrived to say “head to point B”.

Once Lamiek texted us that they were nearby, my video guy Elijah went to the bathroom to mic him up so we could get fresh clean audio of his proposal and ShaTorree’s reaction.

They stopped just in front of our cameras where we were pretending to film something else and they looked out at Lake Eola and Orlando’s iconic fountain (which is actually named the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain).

They spontaneously started to dance because ShaTorree had a little Bluetooth speaker in her bag which was absolutely adorable and so great on video.

Needless to say, it went without a hitch and she said yes! Much to her surprise, we then revealed ourselves as their photographers and did a short photo & video session to commemorate the event.

This was the second proposal I’ve done (this is the first) and it’s just so so fun to partner up with people at this excellent moment in their stories.

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