Tips for proposing in Orlando

Proposing in Orlando has some unique challenges. Read on for tips about the best times and spots to pull of a picture-perfect proposal.

I’ve lived and worked all over the world. I’ve done weddings in England, France, Portugal, and Italy. I’ve done travel photography in Lebanon, Kenya, and tropical islands. Nowhere has light as hard to contend with as Florida and this is important if you plan on having a photographer present when you propose.

While the light in Florida can be some of the hardest that a photographer will face in their career (in the western world, anyway) it’s also my favorite. It’s joyful, juicy and tropical.

People come to Orlando from all over the world to propose and get married and I’ve had the joy of capturing many of these events. Here are some tips for pulling off a stunning Orlando proposal:

Tips for proposing in Orlando

  1. Choosing the right time for your Orlando proposal

    Golden hour (the last hour leading up to sunset) is somewhat cliche in the world of photography. When I didn’t know how to harness light as a baby photographer, I leaned on the ease of shooting during the golden hour.

    Every photographer needs to know how to shoot in every possible condition but since there are already so many factors that are impossible to control during a proposal, you will at least stand a better chance of getting the best photos if you propose 30-60 minutes before sunset.

    60 minutes before sunset may still be extremely bright in Florida, but the sun will at least be low enough in the sky to not cast yucky shadows on your subjects’ faces and your photographer can utilize the sun in creative ways if they know how.

  2. Choosing the right location for your Orlando proposal

    While the Magic Kingdom is certainly the most magical place to propose in Orlando, if you want to hire a photographer to capture it, you’ll be stuck with the Disney park photographers if you propose in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Outside photographers are very much not allowed to take pictures inside of Disney parks.

    If Disney is the dream, a couple of good locations are Disney Springs and Disney’s Boardwalk. The proposal you see below was in a waterfront gazebo called Sea Breeze Point at the Boardwalk. It’s private and there’s open shade if you don’t want to do it out in the full-on sunshine.

    Other excellent spots in Orlando are this spot just down from the bathrooms near N. Eola Drive. The iconic Orlando Fountain (i.e Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain) is in the background. You can see a proposal I caught there here.

    Another great Lake Eola spot is Lake Eola Park Peninsula which is a little piece of land that juts out and has some iconic Orlando buildings in the background.

    Harry P. Leu Gardens is a beautiful place to propose. If it’s not a place you would normally go, you can do what Fred did for his proposal to Alyson and tell them that you have a dressy work function there. Although that only works if your partner isn’t friends with anyone you work with :)

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