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For couples in Central Florida thinking about a courthouse wedding right now, the Seminole County Courthouse is an attractive option with ceremonies taking place outdoors.

Unprecedented. I think that’s the word we keep hearing, right? “We’re living in unprecedented times” is what I’m hearing from every business who has ever had my email address.

And while so many of us have our lives on hold, even (some of) our love lives…one thing is for sure. Love in the time of Covid is a special thing. I envy (happy) couples who are quarantined together. They’re so lucky.

I feel fortunate to be back at it doing what I love and supporting couples who have shed the bells and whistles and are getting married at the courthouse. Because THIS is NOT unprecedented. This is a precedent I’ve been working with for years: the precedent that you don’t have to walk down an aisle or spend half-a-mil on a party to live happily-ever-after.

Shed, shed, shed what you don’t need and be with the one you love.

Cristine and Nicolas are a military couple who just wanted to be married. So they did it. And I was there putting my guts into capturing it for them as I always do.

Note: while I used to do all courthouse weddings at the Orange County Courthouse, the Seminole County Courthouse in Sanford is really adorable. They’re performing ceremonies outside. There’s a boating inlet next door. It’s a quiet area of town with easy-access parking. I’m really enjoying this courthouse right now!

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